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  • Super-Easy Pull Start System

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    Super-Easy Pull Start System

    ●Easy bolt in kit includes all parts needed to install on most 23cc-36cc engine (may fit some bigger ones also) ●Fits HPI Baja, LOSI, FG and most other RC Engines (just make sure you have clearance this is about 1 inch bigger then stock) Fits CY, Zenoah, King Motor, Rovan and...Read More

  • Pull Starter with CNC Prawl

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    Pull Starter with CNC Prawl

    Brand New - Recoil Starter Fits Rovan Sport 305A Baja Buggy, Sport 305B Gas Buggy Models Product Features ●Fits 23cc-32cc 1/5th scale rc hobby engines only. ●Weight : about 120 g. Product Description Description: 1/5TH SCALE RC CAR PULL STARTER. Fits 23cc-32cc 1/5th Scale Rc...Read More

  • 1/5 Scale Easy Pull Start

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    1/5 Scale Easy Pull Start

    Rovan Replacement Easy Pull Start ●Stock Replacement for Rovan Easy Pull Starters found on most Rovan 32cc and 36cc engines. ●4 mounting screws included. ●New Designed Recoil Pull Starter ●New material claw centered, more durable performance than other ordinary plastic ones...Read More

  • Easy Pull Starter

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    Easy Pull Starter

    Rovan RC Replacement Pull Start Assembly For Rovan 23-32cc Easy Pull Start Kit ●This is the replacement pull start for the Easy Pull start system ●Will not fit normal stock pull starts without changing the flywheel to the Easy Pull start flywheel (whole kit with flywheel...Read More

  • 1/5 Baja Pull Starter

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    1/5 Baja Pull Starter

    NEW Rovan Black Plastic Pull Start with CNC Aluminum Prawl Installed ●Comes with everything needed to install Fits HPI Baja 5B,5T,5SC, Rovan Sport Terminator truck and buggies, King Motor T1000 truck and buggies Fits CY and most Zenoah motors as well from 23cc to 30.5ccRead More

  • CNC Turbine Pull Starter

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    CNC Turbine Pull Starter

    Rovan CNC metal pull starter The new CNC pull starter,, the hole design, can effectively put sand fly into the damage of the flywheel, also won't cause reduced intake!Read More

  • LT LOSI 5ive T 45CC Engine

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    LT LOSI 5ive T 45CC Engine

    1/5 gasoline engine car kit, 45 cc big torque motorThe Baja 5 b t LOSI HPI KM vehicles45 cc engine with the exhaust pipe, because the huge need of vent, need certain exhaust! 45 cc engine standard type exhaust vent for torque, strong torque exhaust! Compatible with zenoah 45...Read More

  • Baja 45CC 4 Bolts Engine

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    Baja 45CC 4 Bolts Engine

    Maximum speed: 4000-4200 Ignition way: CDI The spark plug: NGK For: 92 # gasoline The oil type: FD Class Fuel ratio 25:1 Compression ratio: 9:1 Power: 2.9 kw / 13000 RPM Maximum speed: 16500 RPM Wabro 1107 carburetor Easy to start the engine 4 bolt Gas EngineRead More

  • Baja LT SLT 36CC Gas Engine

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    Baja LT SLT 36CC Gas Engine

    Rovan 36cc 2 Stroke Gas 4 Bolt Engine designed to fit the Rovan LT, KM X2 and LOSI 5IVE-T NEW ROVAN SPORT 1/5 Scale 36cc 2-Stroke Air Cooled 4-Bolt Engine (39mm bore, 30mm stroke) ●Easy Pull Heavy Duty pull start system works great and has a nice big handle making this a...Read More

  • CNC R320 Engine

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    CNC R320 Engine

    ●Rovan CNC R320 engine 32CC metal enclosure engine with WT1107 NGK CNC metal exterior kit with real R320 core kit At the same time we have matched Komatsu 320 with the same version of Wabro WT 1107 carburetor using double-spring wear-resistant metal clutch With WT1107...Read More

  • 32CC 4 Bolt Engine

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    32CC 4 Bolt Engine

    NEW ROVAN 1/5 Scale 32cc 4 Bolt 2 stroke RC Engine ●8000 RPM clutch installed ●Rofun (Walbro clone) Carburetor (Idle screw, low/high needle adjustments with choke) ●Powerful 29cc air cooled 4 bolt head, two stroke motor (over 3.8HP) ●High flow enlarged intake and exhaust...Read More

We are professional engines suppliers in China, providing the best customized service. Welcome to buy diSCount engines at reasonable price from our factory.
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